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Topic: A brief taste of glory, then defeat

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    Unhappy A brief taste of glory, then defeat

    So a few weeks ago, I ordered the student discount version of SONAR 5 through Sweetwater. It took them a little extra time to get the education copies in stock, but finally shipped towards the end of last week. The package arrived today, and I held its glory in my hands.

    When I opened everything up to install, it took a turn for the worse. DVD boots up, I rock out to the menu tunes, and click install. Waiting...

    Waiting a bit more... Nothing happens. So I try to browse the DVD itself. Open the Sonar folder, and the drive stalls while it tries to read the data. I eventually cancel the operation and take a look at the disc... To my horror, one big scratch along the portion that seems to be where SONAR's intaller is located... Which was there all along.

    So it looks like I have to contact Sweetwater in the morning and hope I can get it replaced

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    Re: A brief taste of glory, then defeat

    I got my 5 Producer upgrade from Sweetwater also, and they sent me 5 Studio by mistake. It took a couple of days, but they were very nice and shipped me the correct edition via overnight along with an airbill so I could painlessly send the other one back. True, in my case the software was never opened, but I have to believe that they'll exchange it for you without hassle. At least I would hope so. Good luck, and let us know how it works out.

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    These misfortunes happen all the time considering the amount of production that goes on. I truly believe Sweetwater will not give you a problem and will replace it.

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    Re: A brief taste of glory, then defeat

    Probably one of the most compelling reasons to deal with Sweetwater has always been their customer service. I have no doubt that they'll get you taken care of in short order. That's just how they do things.
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    Re: A brief taste of glory, then defeat

    I recall in the past one of my DP upgrades arrived cracked!

    No problems getting a replacement but it was a bit like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning only to find it broken...

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    Red face Re: A brief taste of glory, then defeat

    Well I just got off the phone with several folks from Sweetwater, and unfortunately they don't have any in stock at the moment, but they'll be shipping a replacement asap once they get them in

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