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Topic: Adagio for Orchestra

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    Adagio for Orchestra

    Back after a long absence. Have three movements of my first symphony sketched out. Here's the adagio:


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    Re: Adagio for Orchestra

    Hey Dan, a lovely, tranquil piece of writing. Good job on it... some very nice string work in the mix.

    The one comment I might make is that very brief first entry of the horn at ~00:23 bothers me a bit -- seems to show up and go away a bit quickly and disconnectedly. Maybe just do that in the strings or softly in the winds, and smooth and blend it along a touch. Or it could just be my strange ears... lol.

    I've listened to this several times, Dan. Thoroughly enjoyable, and looking forward to the rest of the symphony!


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    Re: Adagio for Orchestra

    Thanks, David. I'm honored that you would give it such careful attention. I'll consider that horn entry--maybe the clarinet would be better there?

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    Re: Adagio for Orchestra

    Or maybe it's just the mix, Dan -- maybe take that horn line down a bit. And hey, remember, you're the composer of the piece... I can be wrong as rain at a picnic... lol.


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    Re: Adagio for Orchestra


    I enjoyed listening to your piece a lot . Great work!!! I'm looking forward to listening to the other movements.

    If I may make one suggestion: I thought you might have intented a very smooth and legato texture in this piece, I'm not sure? Perhaps you could make more use of the GPO legato feature, it would make the delicate phrases sound more "phrased".... I'm finding it hard to get the right words. I'm not a "mixing" expert myself, so I'm offering this suggestion with a little caution; but in addition to the legato tool, it is often a good idea to overlap the slurred notes ever so slightly to make it even better.

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Adagio for Orchestra

    You're absolutely right, Louis. It would certainly benefit from a smoother legato and more subtle phrasing. This is unmixed right off of Finale. Some day I hope to "graduate" to using a sequencer and being able to create more polished performances. Probably when I retire, 2.5 years from now--but who's counting?

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    Smile Re: Adagio for Orchestra

    It's a nice score, I agree with Luis the playback might be refined.

    We will wait for a happy and safe retirement then...

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    Re: Adagio for Orchestra

    nice! I love playfullness of the Rythm (I guess I can't spell it right)
    Chef Marco Teti
    (Fine Replicated swords)

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    Re: Adagio for Orchestra

    Thanks, Marco and Fabio! The piece is in 3/4, but the emphasis shifts around. (And yes, "rhythm" is impossible to spell! )

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    Re: Adagio for Orchestra

    This was splendid!

    Very calm subtle arrangement with a terrific melody that works throughout.

    You could try following the suggestions of other members regarding a more smoother blend, as a test for yourself, but I think the piece is distinct enough to stand as it is!

    Great work!


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