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Topic: When do lib get to expensive?

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    When do lib get to expensive?

    Hi all, I was just reading the board and saw the new pmi is 596 dollars, i jsut about fell over. I am sure the sound is great, which it is from the demos i heard but that seems like alot to me. Espically with the TBO comming out.. Just wondering when does money come in to play when you are making a purchasing decision? Even if the product is amazing, when do yo ujsut sit back and say, hey this is just to much?

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    Re: When do lib get to expensive?

    It only comes in to play if you cant afford it

    I just compare libs and ask myself if something is worth x much more than something else i'm looking at. If it is, then it might be worth considering. If not, then its worth keeping an eye on for a group buy or other sale. At least, thats how i go about deciding.


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    Talking Re: When do lib get to expensive?

    As much as I appreciate your concern,...... this is such a subjective question, that it could not possibly be answered with any certainty by a single individual.

    your budget is your budget period......

    All libraries have their own intrinsic values..... And these days, most of them are pretty impressive. so questioning overpricing is becoming a bit of a "strange question".

    Put your ears up yo your monitors and take responsibility for you oen decisions.

    It's hard to lose today......

    Good luck!

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    Re: When do lib get to expensive?


    There are no doubt as many different answers to this question as there are people who use DAWs. It depends on what you need to implement what you wish to do, how much you can afford, and- if money is an issue- how important is it to save however long and hard for?

    For me, it's a question of prioritizing based on limited funds. So it happens that I'm not currently in the market for a $600 V-Piano, as I'm relatively content with the piano sounds I already have. The priority for me would be to use that money for instruments I don't already have, or to upgrade from instruments that I'm currently unsatisfied with.

    On the other hand, if my name were Horowitz or Rubenstein, and I- for some odd reason- were forced to go digital, I would spare no expense to get the absolute best sampled piano library I could.

    And the cost is almost nothing when compared to buying the real thing, where top quality can cost many, many thousands of dollars.

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    Re: When do lib get to expensive?

    How jaded we are- there was a time $600 wouldn't buy you an RMI "piano" (remember those??) and that was in old 70's dollars.

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    Re: When do lib get to expensive?

    I mean, even if money is no object. For instance, there are people in hollywood, very very rich people, movie stars and musicans and not all of them drive lambo's and porshce and all of that, some of them drive regual cars. my point is at some point no matter what the product, samples, cars, or what have you, there come a point wher eyou say, ok no mattter how good this is, this is jsut to much money, or am i the only one who thinks this way?
    Maybe i am. I mean as guitar player, if sombody said there was a million dollar guitar i dont care how good it soudned, even is i was bill gates rich i woudl not buy it.

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    Re: When do lib get to expensive?

    Money comes into play as far as PMI is concerned. I ain't buying! and thats how it works. Call me when it drops below $200. Even at that price I'd probably balk {I have enough pianos}. There are so many Pianos out there that you'd have to classify PMIs price as ultra balzy, but if people buy...............more power to em. For me this is to much.

    Guitar Rig 2 ? For me this is to much!
    Giga3? I have it and I paid to much, because it crashes all the time.

    What else is to much?

    At any rate - Message boards are a good way to send a message.

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    Re: When do lib get to expensive?

    Are you talking about this one?


    That's a lot of instruments! $450 for all that could hardly be called exorbitant.

    You get what you pay for, in other words.

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    Re: When do lib get to expensive?

    This thread is very Emily Latella...

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    Re: When do lib get to expensive?

    Parallel conversations? I thought people were complaining about paying $600 for 75 billion of Michiel's instruments - although I believe it's $400 and 90 billion.

    If not: Oh. NEVER MIND.

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