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Topic: Urgent question re laptop HD speed

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    Urgent question re laptop HD speed

    Hey all, I'm just in the middle of buying a new Dell notebook (Inspiron 9300), and I want to check some final issues with you all... I got 2gigs of RAM on it, which ought to help with GPO samples, so that's good.

    But then the salesman offered me the following deal: EITHER I could get the 60 gig Hard drive at 7200rpm (but then only 1 year warranty and in-home repair)


    the 60 gig Hard drive at 5400rpm, but with 4 year bells and whistles in-home repair.

    The second deal is also about $135 cheaper.

    So my question -- urgent, while I can still change the deal! -- is does GPO and audio samples/playback and Finale 2006 really require the higher 7200rpm? Or would I be fine with the 5400?

    THanks! I really need the help!
    Steve Main
    Steve Main

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    Re: Urgent question re laptop HD speed

    In reality, you need at least two hard drives. The first one is for the operating system (Windows) and the programs such as Sonar, Cubase, etc. and the second (7200 rpm) for samples and audio. So the answer is: YES, the 5400 rpm HD is good enough for the OS and programs and then get an external, either firewire (preferred) or USB2 to hold the samples and audio. BTW, if ALL you use is GPO, then you don't have to worry either because the object of it is to load all you need into ram so you don't have to be concerned with HD speed. In the real world, once you get into this, you are likely to get some sample libraries other than GPO, so it is best to get the second HD; in any event, you will want the extra drive for audio. Also, a third HD, preferably LARGE, to use as an archive/backup drive is a very good idea.


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    Re: Urgent question re laptop HD speed

    GPO is designed to be run in RAM so the hard drive speed is not critical. It will take a little longer to load your songs though.

    Do you plan on running other libraries?

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