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Topic: Kontakt or Gigastudio?

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    Kontakt or Gigastudio?

    Just looking for an informal show of hands here. EXS24mkII is great for what it does, but I'm soon going to need to move to a more robust sampling platform. I know this question has been asked a million times, but I'm interested in more industry-specific comment here.

    Right now most of my stuff comes from sample libraries and the run-of-the-mill-all-in-one virtual instruments like GPO or the EastWest stuff. However I do need the flexibility of easily creating my own patches/programs, as I have a host of my own custom samples that I've been saving for a rainy day (i.e. EXS takes too much time to build extensive sample sets).

    I have a PC and Mac, so either one would work well. What do you use and why?

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    Re: Kontakt or Gigastudio?

    Even EWQLSO tells you to have multiple computers networked together for optimal performance. So I take a modular approach and I'm piecing together an awesome DAW one piece at a time. If you're already going to network, then you might as well get the software that can do the most for you, which I consider to be Giga still.

    That's just my opinion
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    Re: Kontakt or Gigastudio?

    Interesting point, Mike. I hadn't even considered the 'extensibility' factor. I don't think Kontakt has any ability to work across a network the way Giga does - at least not one that is implemented at the product level. (i.e. you're not using 3rd party applications to bridge the network gap).

    Not having used any incarnation of Giga, how easy is it for me to create a new program or soundbank vs. Kontakt or EXS for that matter?

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    Re: Kontakt or Gigastudio?

    Actually I haven't edited my own patches in Kontakt, only Gigastudio, and that was v. 2.5. Maybe 3.0 is different, but 2.5 came with a separate editing app for creating .gig files. It was pretty easy to compile .wav files into a .gig file, and even adding velocity layers was pretty easy, but it goes much deeper than that and I never really needed to. It looked pretty extensive though

    I really like the convenience that NI's stuff offers, but I'm not thrilled with their layouts. they're just so.................German. The layouts are always very clean looking, but not very intuitive, and everything's always hidden away somewhere. I guess that's not a relevant gripe when it comes to which tech offers more functionality, but in Kontakt, and a lot of other NI products, I always end up waisting time clicking on things to pull up the right window. With Giga, it's all right there in front of me.
    Michael Peter

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    Re: Kontakt or Gigastudio?

    Hey all,
    I actually use both.

    I have the East West Orchestra on both my mac and my PC so I can double up with midi if I need to. I also have Giga on my PC which I will use in conjuction with EaSt West Orchestra .I also have Halion on my mac so I have the ability to mix and match and use what will work. I have Garritan set up on Halion and Giga and can use Sam's Horns on both. My PC is pretty much just one big sampler.

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    Re: Kontakt or Gigastudio?

    If you've already got GPO and some of EWQL stuff, Kontakt may be a good choice for you, since it will allow you quite a bit more flexibility with the libraries you already own. Not only do you get the benefit of Kontakt's full editing features with your libs, you can replace two instances of GPO's Kontakt Player or EWQL's Kompakt with a single instance of full Kontakt. That can save you some significant burden on your CPU in a dense orchestration. It's maybe not as much of an issue if you plan to add computers and form a Borg-like uber-DAW...I do plan to do that eventually, but for now, with a single PC and some dedicated synth hardware, Kontakt makes my life quite a bit easier (I'm running EWQLSO Platinum and GPO).

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    Re: Kontakt or Gigastudio?

    Kontakt 2 more easily integrates into a DAW setup because it can run as a plugin - it also comes with more material than Gigastudio 3, though it costs a little bit more, which gives you more stuff to work with. K2 also imports a wide range of formats and seems to run well on more than one platform (eg. Windows AND Mac, whereas GS practically requires a custom built PC to run it best). Finally, most libraries coming out now are coming bundled with a Kontakt or Kompakt player, which loads into K2 and NOTHING else.

    On the other hand, GS is an established sampling platform with the most efficient disk-streaming algorithms, and very good CPU usage. There are a wealth of libraries available for Gigastudio, including some of the most highly acclaimed ones in existence. Both GS and K2 have custom systems like iMidi and KSP scripting that make things more realistic too - some libraries are exclusive to both, too (eg. Larry Seyer drums for GS and Kontakt Experience for.. K2).

    Ultimately, I would try both and see how you like them. I prefer K2 because it integrates perfectly with my sequencer, and it imports all of my current libraries, including Stormdrum, QLSO, RA, and GPO - GS wouldn't be able to import them, on the other hand.
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    Re: Kontakt or Gigastudio?

    I think that if you already have several kontakt and kompakt based libraries (GPO, EastWest stuff) then you may be better off going with Kontakt. Right now I use Kontakt 2 more than I use Giga 3 because it's much easier to get into my sequencer (I recently switched to Logic and have no programs currently to network midi and audio). That said, I do prefer useing Giga over Kontakt. I like Giga's interface more and find it easier to use in general, plus there's Giga Pulse...

    As for creating patches, I've never created any using Kontakt, so I dont' know how that would go, but I've created quite a few in Giga 3 and it's really easy. Didn't even have to read the manual to figure it out.

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    Re: Kontakt or Gigastudio?

    These are all great points, everyone. Thanks for taking the time to consider. I have a copy of Gigastudio SE, so maybe I'll fire it up and see how I like the interface. Because I have 4 Konmpakt instruments, I can get the upgrade to Kontakt for about $200 I think, which is tough to beat.

    While my PC is pretty capable, it isn't quite as burly as my Mac is, and without a decent audio card in there, the upgrade to Kontakt is going to be much less expensive - $200 vs. $300+ for Giga +another $200+for an audio/midi interface for the PC.

    Eventually I will probably get a dedicated Giga machine...but by the time I'm actually called upon to use such a beast, I'll likely be able to afford it.

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