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Topic: Can anyone comment on this motherboard?

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    Can anyone comment on this motherboard?

    I\'m looking into a barebones system based on the SOYO K7V DRAGON+ Plus VIA KT266A motherboard. Would it be a decent performer for giga? Or would I be better off going with Leadtek 7350KDA which Doc mentioned?

    Also, is generic or house brand RAM ok to use? Looking at some prices tonight and Kingston 512 SDRAM is just about as expensive as the 512 DDR ram that I have in my current system. Would the $80 512 chips be ok?

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    Re: Can anyone comment on this motherboard?

    Via chipset motherboards have given many problems to the posters here. Looking at the rig listing posts, many cant get over 110 voices when they do get them working and tweaked out. If you want to save some bucks or want to use SDRAM, go with the ECS K7S5A motherboard for $55 bucks (check out pricewatch.com for vendors and to check out whether a vendor is good check out resellerratings.com). Remember to run the CPU and memory at the same speed to avoid problems and to get the maximum performance out of the motherboard (100/100 or 133/133). As for saving money on memory, the cheap stuff is a crap shoot (mostly crap lol). Most of the time you can not run the faster memory settings in the BIOS with the cheap stuff. For a good brand in both SDRAM and DDRAM that is less money than the high performance stuff go with \"Kingmax\", not to be confused with Kingston. The Kingmax runs good at agressive memory timings in Bios.

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