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Topic: Pro Tools and Kontakt max volume problem

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    Pro Tools and Kontakt max volume problem

    I am using Kontakt 2 remotely on a PC, being triggered by Pro Tools on my Dual 1.25 Mac G4.

    When you raise the PT track volume to it's highest (127) it only goes up to 00.0 db in Kontakt, though the max goes all of the way up to +6.0 db in Kontakt2.

    Any way to change this so that the Max in PT (127) equals the max in Kontakt2 (+6.0 dbu)


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    Re: Pro Tools and Kontakt max volume problem

    Your only default options are -6 and 0db, So you would have to manually set the volumes of the Kontakt instruments higher and then use expression instead of cc7 from PT. (Correct me if I'm wrong, gents)

    I really like the headroom at 0db, though. If I want to "go to 11" I bus the external audio to a track and boost it in my DAW.

    Damon Sink
    G5 Dual 2 GHz, P4 3.8GHz, Logic Pro 7, Digital Performer, EWQLSO Platinum Pro XP, VSL, Kontakt2, Finale

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