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Topic: Rewire GS3 and Nuendo 3

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    Rewire GS3 and Nuendo 3

    So I have my new system up and running great.
    AMD 3500+ with sata raid 0 for samples and another PCI raid 0 drive setup for audio. All runs great, though I do notice my sata raid 0 (onboard promise fasttrak). doesn't perform as good as the PCI chain!
    Anywho, the question. I have rewire working great with gigastudio. It was running flawless with very little latency... So the song I've been hacking around with just to get familiar with the new setup has a really long latency for rewire.. Again it's just this song. If I open a new template rewire is spot on for larency... It's just I don't want this to happen on other songs if it's something I accidentally clicked! Midi that's been recorded is ok, just anything new I try to record! Edit, I just realized that BFD is also delayed via rewire! Again prerecorded stuff is fine and it was running perfect a couple of days ago. Seems to be on rewire only. VSTi's are ok!
    Any thoughts??
    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Rewire GS3 and Nuendo 3

    Never mind...
    I was noodling the the waves ultramaximizer L3.
    I had it on the Stereo output. Thought I had it shut off.
    Sorry bout that
    Back to learning!

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