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Topic: Anything new re: laptops for live Giga use?

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    Anything new re: laptops for live Giga use?

    I\'d like to use Gigapiano live. So I have a few questions that I haven\'t seen mentioned recently:

    Is the speed of laptop hard drives still an issue; what about heat dissipation; and audio latency?

    It would be defeating my purpose if I had to lug around 2-3 peripherals, an external HD, a firewire audio interface, etc. At that point I might as well bring along my desktop.

    Any information and suggestions would be most appreciated.


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    Re: Anything new re: laptops for live Giga use?

    It seems everytime someone posts a question re: laptop use, very few or no responses are posted. Is this indicative that no has appropriate experience? Laptop use is quite doable based on my experience particularly if one is using GS as a sound module where one to two sounds are only needed and the desire is to take advantage of the great sample library. I currently am using my Dell latitide with stock sound card and MOTU midi interface - no problems at all for playing live or as studio overdubs. Using GS as a multi-instrument is real cool but clearly not the only use. Anybody else share these thoughts??

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    Re: Anything new re: laptops for live Giga use?

    kiddy, thanks for the reply.

    My guess would be that, although using Giga live interests some of us, a majority of forum members are more interested in recording applications, sampling, tweaking, orchestrating etc. So maybe, like you suggest, the knowledge base is smaller for live and/or laptop stuff.

    Two questions for you:

    Do you notice any latency while you\'re playing?

    And could you share your configuration: which Dell Latitude, processor, memory, HD, what kind of motu interface, sounds you use live etc?
    Gigapiano, which I plan on using almost exclusively, is pretty demanding.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Anything new re: laptops for live Giga use?

    my latitude will actually be 3 years old this july. Win98Se 256k RAM, pentium II 366, 20gig hard drive, 4200rpm. As you can see, nothing spectacular but does the job for now.

    most of my sounds used are secondary type sounds i.e. violin solo, bass, etc. have not tried giga piano. latency for samples mentioned however not noticeable. Easily as good as my Ensoniq ZR76 workstation. incidentally, same goes for B4 sound module.

    again, for these simple applications, no problem here. hope this helps.

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    Re: Anything new re: laptops for live Giga use?

    thanks kiddy, it has been a help.

    One more question, if you don\'t mind? Which Motu midi interface?

    thanks again,

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    Re: Anything new re: laptops for live Giga use?

    Sorry . . . . forgot to include in previous post.

    MOTU EZFlyer - parallel port 2 midi in and 2 midi out with computer bypass switch.

    Very stable.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Anything new re: laptops for live Giga use?

    Hi. I have no particular interest or experience in this area, but Creative Labs has just released a new external Sound Blaster thingy called \'Extigy\'. It\'s intended to give laptops a higher-end optio for sound. It\'s 24-bit/96KHz capable, and hooks up through USB.

    I can\'t find any info on it WRT MIDI, but it probably has a MIDI port somewhere.

    Possibly it could be a part of the solution you\'re looking for.

    My concern would be that it\'s not clear what has to go down the USB pipe which is pretty slow.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Anything new re: laptops for live Giga use?


    Thanks for the reply, I\'ll check out \'Extigy\'. That would certainly be a nice easy solution if the USB buss can handle it.

    If you\'ve got time, since I\'m pretty new to the forum and the software, please tell me what you use GigaStudio/Sampler for- either here, or at this address: michae11@optonline.net

    Thanks again,

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    Re: Anything new re: laptops for live Giga use?

    Hi. I\'m pretty new to this forum compared to a lot of the guys around here. (Maybe 5 months now?) That said, my impression is that I\'m also focused a bit differently than many (not all) of the people here who appear to focus on sound tracks, games, commercials, etc.

    I\'m just working on sort of world-beat/pop music songs. I got into GigaSampler (GigaStudio actually, but I\'m not sure that was necessary) to take advantage of the \'larger than memory\' samples it provides, specifically piano. I like to use a lot of real sounding instruments in my music, as opposed to synths, and I just didn\'t find any of the samplers out there to be real enough for my tastes. That led me here.

    Currently my GSt library is small but growing. Here\'s some of it:

    1) Scarbee Fingered Bass
    2) Trachtman Steinway C8
    3) Sonic Implants B3 Organ
    4) Sonic Implants String Boxes (Solina/Mellotron)
    5) Worra\'s Prophet
    6) Wizzo Sounds Large Ambient Drum Kit
    7) Digital Complete Rare Instruments Percussion

    I can recommend everything above as being worth the price I paid. I think there are better piano\'s out there, but I actually like everything below middle C on this piano quite a bit and the price for this one is moderate.

    I\'ve also built a drum kit of my own using custom samples that I like.

    I have a couple of piano and bass gigs I did from East-West Akai Sample conversions, but I don\'t find any of them usable.

    Also, I highly recommend going to Worra\'s Place and downloading all of the free gig files he has there that sound interesting to you. There is some really great stuff. Worra\'s been a big supporter of GigaSampler. Cheers to him and the other folks out there that are making this stuff available at very reasonable prices. I tend to be a bit cheap, and slow, so I look around and go for the deals. That said, even though the Scarbee bass is expensive, it\'s totally worth the money. (IMHO)

    FYI - I actually use NO synths at all today. I\'m only using GSt, the libraries above and my Pro Tools rig for composing and recording my songs.

    Hope this helps answer some of your questions.


    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by michael88s:
    please tell me what you use GigaStudio/Sampler for<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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    Re: Anything new re: laptops for live Giga use?


    Yes, thanks it was a help. If you ever put any mp3\'s up on the web, maybe you could let me know so I can hear some of your work.


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