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Topic: California Graperfruit

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    California Graperfruit

    When I was playing Sousaphone in the Fremont High School band in Oakland, CA, in the mid forties, there was a football cheer, California Grapefruit. I did not care for football, only went because I played in the band. This Canon Fanfare for 3 horns is based on that cheer. This version is part of my continuing effort to convert all of my music to Garritan Personal Orchestra, and is a mighty undertaking! I hope the undertaker does take me under before finishing this undertaking!

    California Grapefruit

    Following the link, you have these choices.

    Select PLAY MP3 from the blue menu selection at the top of the page, which is streaming audio.

    Scroll down below the music (or blank page if you don't want to see the score. Under details, DOWNLOAD MP3.

    Select your playback device and read the score, if you have the plug-in. You will also have audio, but gm playback. In simple cases, with few voices, you can probably select GPO studio as your playback device, with instruments as follows: slot 1, aggressive fr horn solo, slot 2, fr horn 1, slot 3, fr horn 2. Pan 1 center, 2 to the left, 3 to the right.


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    Re: California Graperfruit

    Solid brass work on this, Richard; especially for working with such a small ensemble of unmixed type -- nicely done!

    Enjoyed listening to this, as I'm sure most horn fans will.


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