Hi - Your friendly GS96 newbie dares today to try to understand his Port Monitor, if someone could comment? (Ive read the \"help\" stuff within the program.)

1) I load an instrument in channel one with my sequencer running and play and it sounds great! But no change to the four little numbered plain grey ports. No light green, dark green, red stuff happening to port one, while Port 1 is in bold at the top left of the screen. All the changes that \"help\" says will occur as you use a port in various ways arent happening. What am I not doing or understanding here?

2) The little piano below the ports was flashing occasional red - I double clicked it per the help instructions to get solid white and \"midi looping\" on. What does this mean? The purpose of these two modes is not explained.

3) As for performance - any comments on whether or not the following stats are Good, Average, or Lousy would be most appreciated! (Win98se P3-550 256ram 2IDE-HDs 7200rpms Terratec EWX 2496) With JUST the full version of Giga Piano loaded in channel one (I realize this is a big hairy gig) I get the following MAXIMUMS when I play really hefty, loud, complex Beethoven like music with the sustain pedal down:

Voices 30
Peak 42
Memory 16%
CPU 20%

Hows this for tolerable max stats while performing the Giga Piano in a hefty way in GS96 - Good, Average, or Lousy? I\'ve done most of the common optimizations and the instruments are sounding WONDERFUL while my graphics are looking nice and gnarly and slow now. THANKS and have a great weekend, the ever optimistic, LifeForceExplorer