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Topic: Gypsy Quartet

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    Gypsy Quartet

    Though this is not fully realized, I thought I would put it out here for any comments good and bad. The piece has a mid-european flavor. It has not had much work in dynamics and was rendered directly from Finale 2002 using the GPO Studio recorder.


    Give some comments!


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    Re: Gypsy Quartet

    I really did enjoy listening to this! It's very dancy in my very odd opinion (yes, you should expect these a lot....)

    So, erm... If you could make more music of this style, then great! Because I really do appreciate this kind of music a lot.

    ♪♪♪♪ CâTå ♪♪♪♪

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    Re: Gypsy Quartet

    Cata: Thanks a lot, I appreciate the comment.


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    Re: Gypsy Quartet

    Very effectively captures that "gypsy flavor", RichR.

    I hope you'll go back and work over the dynamics and tempi on this to bring out the best of it.

    The notes of a fine piece are surely there; but this is begging you for just a little more kindness to make it truly sing!


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    Re: Gypsy Quartet

    I am a fan of Gypsy music and this excellent. I agree with David, some tweaking will make this already superb piece even better. Good job!
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    Re: Gypsy Quartet

    Thanks for the comments, Valhalx and etLux. I will certainly put more effort into this piece. I'm not quite sure what direction it's headed (musical form speaking) so it is just a rough sketch at this moment in time.


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