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Topic: STYLUS RMX Newbie; trouble with 1.5

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    STYLUS RMX Newbie; trouble with 1.5

    Hi Everybody,

    I am a relative new user of RMX. I recently updated to 1.5 but now i can't seem to enter my EXP libraries anymore in the browser window. I heavily rely on the S.A.G.E. expanders (I have them all) but the EXP library is missing in my browser window. I tried reinstalling and deselecting the settings button but nothing is working sofar! I hope I am doing something wrong that is easily fixable. is the order in which in install all the items a factor here? Please help me out!


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    Re: STYLUS RMX Newbie; trouble with 1.5

    The order in which you install the four 1.5 updaters is not important. Sounds like your SAGE folder may not be organized properly. The SAGE Xpander database files (ex. BackBeat.db) should be in this folder: SAGE/SAGE Libraries/EXP Libraries.

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