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Topic: weird after clicks in GPO (full w/ Finale)

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    weird after clicks in GPO (full w/ Finale)

    I am having a very strange problem using GPO full w/ Finale 2006 on a G4 laptop (1.67 ghz, 2gb ram).

    Some of my percussion sounds have strange after-effects. Particularly the xylophone, and the woodblock (or is it clave) sound in percussion toys. After the note releases there's this strange, electronic after shock. It's like an electronic click, a ghost of the original note. It is ruinously upsetting - is there a way to get rid of this?

    I'm not noticing it with other instruments so far. And this happens in playback, and also when I go into the individual Kontakt samplers and audition the instruments.

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    Re: weird after clicks in GPO (full w/ Finale)

    Maybe a very wet Ambience setting?

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