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    HEY Y'ALL!

    Just wondering if any of you back up daily. We just lost 40GB worth of on-going projects. Came close to pulling a trigger in my mouth. We back up all projects after they have been completed but not on-going stuff. So I was wondering if most do daily back-ups. One client was in final mixing mode after 2 years of tracking. Looking forward to that phone call!

    Also anyone ever use a recovery service and might share their experience, cost, ect.....

    Still dazed and hoping I'll just wake up from all this tomorrow-

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    Stay with it Tom.
    Its worth remembering the client has no doubt had computer issues in the past as well. You might have a few sleepless nights coming up trying to recover the situation, but if your relationship with the client is healthy, you've got a chance of saving this, and gaining a reputation for solving big problems on the fly.
    Makes an hourly backup seem very practical doesn't it!

    Good luck,


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    How did you lose it? That can determine if recovery is possible. Did the drive fail instantly? If so that should be an easy one to recover from - might cost a bit but likely not impossible.


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    It was good one second, then the next I heard Click click click then it disappeared off the desktop!

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    I lost two times various on going projects ... after that nightmare I do a back up of the project I am working on in other HD before I shut down the PC EVERY DAY. It is really easy. Just less than a minute in copying the folder, and I go to sleep calm...
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    Hi ..

    sorry to hear that your data is gone. I had a harddisk crash a year ago, it just sounded click click and after a restart there was no chance to get that damn hd working again. I had some important projects on it (non music) and no recent backup. So I decided to send the disk to a recovery service. I don't recall it exactly, but it was 20GB of data I think and we payed 1.500,-€ or so. They had no problem to recover every byte of data, so you might give it a try, but it can be a really painful experience, $$-wise.

    Pretty curious situation: after they check the drive, they actually have all your data recovered. They gave me the exact directory listings of any file that is safe.. and then they asked me: "should we delete it or do you pay for it?" Very strange situation..

    I'm no expert, but I think the data can be recovered (these people usually have lots of experience). There are many different companys offering such services and most of the time you have to pay a small fee, then you get a list with everything that's still alife and the price that you have to pay - then you can think it over.

    Good luck,


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    I have been able to recover crashed hard drives using Norton Systemworks. It might be worth a try before shelling out 1k for a recovery service. I'm no expert here - but as I recall the registry of the disk was corrupt. It was behaving and even sounded as if there was a physical problem, but that ended up not being the case for me.


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    There is a great Mac backup program called SuperDuper works great and is cheap, around $20. I back up after every session. Better safe than sorry!



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    Quote Originally Posted by landford
    It was good one second, then the next I heard Click click click then it disappeared off the desktop!
    Put the drive in a baggie, put it in the freezer overnight, and see if it will spin up. If it does, go-go-go, and copy everything you can.

    Try all the recovery methods people have suggested. If you hear physical grinding or screeching from the drive, stop. At that point, no one can help you except a recovery service, and as mentioned already, you WILL pay. It's also likely that the data is going to arrive pretty jumbled at that juncture, and that you'll end up paying another poindexter type to string the files back together for you.

    I have saved two failed drives myself, both of them with board failures. The way I do this is that I always buy drives in pairs--two drives of exactly the same make and model every time. This way, if one fails electronically, you can steal the electronics off of the other one, and get the data off. Then, if you're under warranty, you put the failed electronics back on the drive and send it off for replacement.

    Everything you can do to prevent this kind of data loss has a cost attached, but none of the costs are anything close to the amount of money you'll spend to retrieve data after the fact. MUCH better to bite the bullet and go for the ounce of prevention rather than the pound of cure.

    The best possible solution is to have all of your data backed up every day. This way, you lose only a day's work at the very most.

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