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Topic: GPO/Mac with Overture/PC using MidiOverLan?

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    GPO/Mac with Overture/PC using MidiOverLan?

    I am waiting with bated breath for the Mac version of Overture 4 so I can take advantage of my more powerful Dual 2 Ghz Powermac G5 system with 3 gigs of Ram for use with my copy of GPO. In the meantime, I've been working with Overture 4 on my 512 meg, 933 mhz Pentium III PC but GPO is slow. It just occured to me that perhaps there's a way to connect via ethernet my two systems such that I am running Overture 4 on my slower PC system, but triggering my GPO samples on my Mac. Does anyone know how this might be achieved? I assume a program like "MidiOverLan" is for this purpose but I haven't figured out how to get the demo version to work yet, and am curious if there are any even more elegant solutions involving directly controlling VST, etc.? Thanks for any help!
    - robjohn
    Pentium III 933 Mhz with Windows XP; Delta 66 audio card; midisport 2x2 midi interface; Roland XP-30 as input/output PLUS: Powermac dual 2 Ghz with 3 Gigs Ram, built-in audio; midisport 2x2 interface; GPO

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    Re: GPO/Mac with Overture/PC using MidiOverLan?


    You should probably ask this over at the Geniesoft forum, there are a few people doing this already there (using FX Teleport.)

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