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Topic: VIA Chipset, USB and Dante's Inferno

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    VIA Chipset, USB and Dante\'s Inferno

    This is for people who want to save themselves from the HELL I have been through in the past 24 hours:

    If you are buying a new motherboard and use a USB midi interface for Gigasampler DO NOT BUY A MOTHERBOARD WITH A VIA CHIPSET.

    This includes the ASUS TUV4X, Socket 370 with the Apollo Pro133T Chipset. If for some reason it is too late and you have already gone down that dark path, please immediately proceed to this webpage, install the VIA 4 in 1 driver utility and then install the VIA USB Filter Driver.


    May the gods of compatibility bring their hateful wrath down upon the cretins at VIA (and Midiman) and smite them mercilessly.

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    Re: VIA Chipset, USB and Dante\'s Inferno

    Adding a PCI card with USB ports might resolve this problem I think ?
    Am I wrong ?


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