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Topic: Good choir libraries

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    Good choir libraries

    I didn't want to say good cheap choirs because of the obvious connotations - but the choirs I have looked at are expensive - and orchestral libs seem to be dropping in price by the month! Does anyone know of a good usable (as mixed in the background, not particularly upfront) and not too pricey choir sample library? I have seen some choir voices bundled with orchestral libs but wondered it there were any good standalone choirs as well. A choir group buy would be a great idea (to me! )

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    Re: Good choir libraries

    Spectrasonics Symphony of Voices (various formats) is wonderful.



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    Re: Good choir libraries

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Harvey
    Spectrasonics Symphony of Voices (various formats) is wonderful.


    Just checked out the demos on their site - sounds great. Does anyone know how well these can be imported into Kontakt 2?

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    Re: Good choir libraries

    I'm waiting for soooo long for this title to go on sale somehow Maybe Eric could even consider putting it into the Atmosphere engine and make it availible as a add-on library for it?! It still has no competitor in the market if you want that sound, so this should be a safe bet IMHO. Did I say I waited for a sale loong time already? I bet I did.


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