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Topic: New to Stylus - Help?

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    New to Stylus - Help?

    So, I'm new to RMX, and it seems pretty cool. However, there are two problems (more like..speed bumps) that I'm hitting right away. (i am using 1.5, BTW)

    1 - RMX doesn't respond to individual midi volume - changing the volume for any one channel just changes the volume for entire plug in, which makes me have to go into RMX's mixer to tweek. Am I missing something?

    2 - When I navigate through the sound menu/list, it returns itself to the default position when moving to the next channel. For example, if I'm auditioning trk 1, and I like Bongos 1 and Bongos 2, I'm going to have to re-navigate my way to Bongos 2 when I move to trk 2 in RMX. Again, is there something I'm missing?

    Thanks for help in advance. I've done a little light research and I couldn't find anything that touched on these issues.

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    Re: New to Stylus - Help?

    What host are you using?

    My guess is Logic?

    It's Logic that interrupts MIDI Volume from any channel and routes it to Logic's channel fader.

    You can use other controller numbers though and RMX can easily workaround Logic's limitation on this. Watch the MIDI Learn and "Setting up a Hardware Controller" video tutorials.

    For information about what directories you want to default to, check out the "Defaults" chapter in the Reference Guide.

    The 1.6 feature request thread also asks for the same feature and this subject is covered there on this forum as well.

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    Re: New to Stylus - Help?

    Hey Eric, thanks for getting back to me so quickly!
    Yes, I'm on Logic...didn't know that about LAP. My bad.
    I'll give the midi learn a shot.
    I'll post in 1.6 request to have a "directory defaults to last location" option.

    Thanks again.


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    Re: New to Stylus - Help?

    You can also set up the audio instrument that you put RMX on as a multi-instrument, and used as a multi-channel instance, make use of Aux tracks so that each MIDI channel in RMX has it's own fader.

    I believe there's a tutorial for doing that, either at Spectrosonics web-site, or in their downloadable tutorials. I know there's a lot of information on it over at Sonikmatter, and probably here as well.

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    Re: New to Stylus - Help?

    Yes....be sure to watch the "RMX and Logic" tutorial...it's invaluable.

    That's also true for all the other host related videos for Pro Tools, Cubase, Live, Sonar, etc...very useful info to know.

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    Re: New to Stylus - Help?

    Where are all these videos???

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    Re: New to Stylus - Help?

    oh, right. Duh. I just cashed in all of my stupid tokens for the day.


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