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Topic: OT: Ethno Techno SAGE Shipping Yet?

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    OT: Ethno Techno SAGE Shipping Yet?

    Does anyone know if the SAGE Ethno Techno is shipping yet? Isn't it supposed to be coming out sometime this month? If it's already available, please let me know where.

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    Re: OT: Ethno Techno SAGE Shipping Yet?

    Hello Nathan,

    Please don't take any offense in this...it's not directed necessarily towards you but as a general observation...

    It seems to me that if I am interested in the release date of a particular product, I would either contact the manufacturer directly or contact a retailer who carries the product for info. In this case you could send an e-mail to Spectrasonics directly (Spectrasonics.net), try a couple of their retail outlets such as Ilio.com, Audiomidi.com, Houseofsamples.com, Guitar Center, Sam Ash...you get the idea.

    A simple search on Google for Stylus or Spectrasonics will probably reveal even more sources.

    I guess the point I'm trying to get across is that this forum is not necessarily the best place from which to get this kind of information, it is mostly geared towards solving technical issues, discussing the pros and cons of certain products, and discussing musical composition techniques.
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    Re: OT: Ethno Techno SAGE Shipping Yet?

    No offense taken. ) I've always thought of this forum as having some of the most "in-the-know" individuals who often seem to be ahead of the game as far as knowledge about what's going on and what's coming out. My experience with retailer's knowing about a products availability is spotted at best, for instance, Guitar Center here in Dallas doesn't have Akoustik Piano and didn't know when it was supposed to be available, whereas I'm reading others' posts here that are already using it, so it is available.

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    Re: OT: Ethno Techno SAGE Shipping Yet?

    Ethno Techno is made by ILIO, not Spectrasonics.


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    Re: OT: Ethno Techno SAGE Shipping Yet?

    Not out yet. Plus it's NOT a Spectrasonics release. It is an ILIO release. You can pre-order on Ilio's website.

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