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Topic: LinuxSampler GUI in Java runs on any OS

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    LinuxSampler GUI in Java runs on any OS

    Grigor Iliev has just released a a Java based GUI frontend for the free, open source LinuxSampler.

    This means that the GUI runs on any OS that supports Java (including Windows and OS X).
    The LS engine currently runs on Linux and OS X but on OS X we don't support AU/VST yet and it's not optimized for speed yet so the platform of choice is still Linux on x86 PCs.
    Thanks to the JAVA GUI you can for example control one or more headless Linux box(es) running LinuxSampler from your Windows or OS X machine.

    To see the screenshot go here:


    and click on the images labeled
    "JS Classic with Toolbar, Statusbar and Left Pane."
    and " JS Classic without Toolbar, Statusbar and Left Pane." to enlarge them.

    here is his original announcement:

    For more information see the LS site or ask on our mailing list.


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    Re: LinuxSampler GUI in Java runs on any OS

    Great job!!!
    It would be great to have a gigasampler OSX compatible!

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