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Topic: Maxing out HD throughput?

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    Maxing out HD throughput?

    Sorry, I posted this in the wrong forum the first time....

    I\'ve got a peice that has major playback problems in just a few places. It\'s happening around 90-110 voices... it\'s not a typical click and pop thing, rather notes enter and drop suddently, then return.. and sometimes random notes on random instruments seem to be played. It doesn\'t appear that polyphony is the issue, as there are places with much higher polyphony without these problems. I degregmented my drive and it helped some, but didn\'t clear it all up. Should I assume from this that I\'m just pulling too much data from the drive, and it can\'t handle it at those points? The hard drive activity light is solid on during these moments. Also, most of the samples used were toward the end of the drive. Would it make a difference if I formatted the drive and put these sounds on first, then everything else? Or would I be better of splitting these sounds over a couple drives?

    The drive is a dedicated sample drive, it\'s an IBM 60 GB 7200 RPM ATA100 on an ATA100 interface, with DMA checked. The disk has about 1.5 GB of free space.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Re: Maxing out HD throughput?

    I had this exact problem about a year ago, and then I managed to fix it...Now, after reinstalling my OS I have this problem again, and I just can\'t remember what did I do last year..(King , who\'s the Idiot now )
    I\'ll try some things out tonight and will let you know.
    Anybody else here have/had this problem?


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