LPC adds Kontkat2 Format

Hello LPC users,
We hope you are enjoying LPC.

Now LPC adds Kontkat2 format.
Registered users can get the Kontakt2 disc for free except a shipping fee.

Cross-grade price: 0.00 USD
(Shipping charge is applyed to your order.)

If you purchased the original package (GS format) from a dealer, please
contact us info@prominy.com before you order the Kontakt2 disc.
Your order will not be shipped until we verify your purchase of the original

To order the Kontakt2 disc, please go to;
(Please allow 5 business days for shipping.)


The articulations including key switches and controllers have been
completely reproduced and they are fully working as well as Giga3. (+ some

Please read; LPC controller chart for Kontakt2;

LPC Kontakt2 User's Manual;

Currently, 'Realtime Legato slide instruments' using GS3's Legato mode are
not available in the Kontakt2 format. We are still researching a best way to
reproduce the Realtime Legato Slide in Kontakt2. We'll post .nki files for
Realtime Legato if we find a solution to reproduce the realtime legato.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.