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Topic: Is there anything like this?

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    Is there anything like this?

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    I need an application that marches through a folder/directory and gives me a list of the file names inside. This list would need to be exportable into text format.

    I'm not aware of anything like this, but I wonder if maybe I've missed it.

    Basically, I need it to march through an instrument folder and give me a file name list of all the .nki files inside.

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    Re: Is there anything like this?

    In windows just open up a command prompt (Start | All Programs | Accessories | Command Prompt). Using dos commands (especially "cd") navigate to the directory of interest. Type "dir" to see the contents. Type "dir > files.txt" to write the list into the file "files.txt".

    I hope that helps. With a Mac you can do a similar thing with Unix, using the terminal window. Instead of ">", you use a pipe "|", if memory serves.

    I hope that helps!


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    Re: Is there anything like this?

    Did you hear me slap myself on the forehead?

    Thanks for the gentle reminder that the most obvious solution is the one staring you in the face.

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    Re: Is there anything like this?

    Ahhh but how do you do it recusively through a directory heirarchy?

    In UNIX you can pipe using > to a file.
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    Re: Is there anything like this?

    Glad to help!

    Just the other day one of my friends decided to show off to another friend by driving his land rover up a muddy hill. They got stuck. The driver had jacks, winches, inflatable bladders and everything. They worked for an hour to get out. Finally, as they got the machine to budge, the driver's face turned red. He had forgotten to lock the front hubs.

    Yep. The simple solution is often best! I'm glad to have offered the reminder to lock your computer's hubs.


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    Re: Is there anything like this?

    dir c:\*.* /s

    but be prepared for a long list.

    Navigate to the top level directory firast, then do dir *.* /s >prn (or >LPT1 to output to the printer, but I don't know how well that works in XP.
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    Re: Is there anything like this?

    You guys are awesome. Do you realize how much time this is going to save me while working on the instrument definitions for Overture 4? This is great.

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