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Topic: Dan's back

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    Dan's back

    I've been away finishing Atlanta Review's Tenth Anniversary Anthology, The Gift of Experience, which was three years in the making. Then my mother died this fall, and I and my wife Susan, who is a hospice nurse, spent a lot of time with her in Tennessee. Fortunately Mom got to see the Anthology and to hear my first Symphony (thanks to GPO). At her funeral we played the Adagio from the symphony:


    Thanks to Gary and the whole community for this gift that so enriches our lives. It's good to be back.

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    Re: Dan's back

    Hi Dan,
    I am so sorry to read the sad news of you loosing your Mom. I am 49, and both of my parents are turning 75 this year and I am so blessed to still have them. I can't imagine what the loss must feel like.

    Thank you for coming back to NS and posting the great news about your accomplishments with The Gift Of Experience. Congratulations, that must have been one big labor of love.


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