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Topic: My first demo reel

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    My first demo reel

    I'm new to this business and I'm about to prepare my first demo reel. I'd like to try sending it to videogames producers, but even to TV,cinema, radio, documentaries producers etc...
    Could you please suggest me how can I realize my generic demo? What kind of tracks..separate or as a montage..how many styles..how long...please show me the way
    Thank you!

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    Re: My first demo reel

    Your demo reel is going to show off what you are best at of course, but, if the different industries and even different projects look for certain kinds of music. You might want to spend some time getting to know something about who you are sending your demo to. If a game of a certain type is in development or a movie then it is good to target your demo towards that particular style. I have a demo that is the best of projects I have worked on a good cross section of my styles. That usually works if a potential client wants to know what you are capable of. I got my first film job using my first film demo. The director loved this particular track that was intense and strange which showed him I could do what he wanted. For game I am working on, I actually created a couple of demos for the drawings of characters the game developer sent. It really depends. I have a CD cover template with all my contact info that I can fly different track titles into as I make custom CD demos for different jobs.

    I hope this helps.

    Starting with a cross section/best of demo is a good at first.

    Keith Kehrer
    Kamakaze Music

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