Does anyone use the abit kr7a raid mobo with pro audio cards
> >succesfully without pops or clicks. I have tried everything
> >including ,irqs, all latest drivers (+via drivers and patches(george etc),
> >all tweaks from midiman and logic etc.
> >I have an athlon xp1800 and both midiman and emagic have suggested
> >ditching abit in favour of the Asus A7V266
> >but that also uses the via chipset which seems to cause the
> >problem in the 1st place.

Is this the only answer:
\"I am now here to recommend anyone who plan to put together an AMD based GigaStudio system to try this solution with ECS K7S5A motherboard out. It is one of the cheapest motherboards on the market, and equipped with a SIS 735 chipset solution which is ONE chip instead of the commonly used Northbridge/Southbridge solution. The SIS 735 chipset gives many times the PCI bandwidth of normal VIA/Intel solutions and I can tell you that GS seems to benefit from that.\"
please help

p.s hi to killerbob.jnr
you sorted out my gigapc 2 years ago and it still rocks.
Charlie M

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