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Topic: Can`t even get started...

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    Can`t even get started...

    Hello to everyone!

    I`ve got a few problems that are related to gpo studio and finale. First of all the normal standalone Kontakt player works fine, but when I use the gpo studio and load an instrument into one of the players, the instrument doesn`t appear to any of the top slots. So it loads only partially. Also, when using the Studio I cannot use my keyboard to play the sounds. I get the sounds with mouse only. I don`t have these issues with the normal Kontakt player.

    The other issue is, that when I try to create a new piece with the Finale, the program doesn`t show the gpo library, which I believe it should. So the instrument list includes only the "Finale instruments". The midi options still show that I`ve got gpo installed on my computer. So basically I can compose with mouse and I do get the gpo sounds working that way, but when I`m trying to record the "performance way" using my x-station keyboard it shows the alert "Hyperscribe cannot record because no staff or layer is selected for recording in the instrument list".

    Any thoughts what could be done?
    Thanks in advance!

    Btw. I use pc.

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    Re: Can`t even get started...

    In Finale, remember to check MIDI menu | MIDI Thru. Otherwise your MIDI keyboard won't do you much good.

    The Instrument List will NEVER show anything but standard GM instruments - even for drum sounds.

    I never use Hyperscribe, but I guess the alert means, that you should click the leftmost column, for the staff you want to record into, in the Instrument List.

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    Re: Can`t even get started...

    Thank you for the response. It seems that my asio drivers are`nt working properly. Don`t know how to fix it...

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