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Topic: Kontakt changes my MIDI channels

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    Kontakt changes my MIDI channels


    I am using EWQL Colossus and Gold but having a slight difficulty using them in Kontakt. I load an instrument into the rack and choose a midi channel for the instrument. However if I then change this instrument using the quickload menu to another East West patch, Kontakt resets my choice of midi channel to omni. This can become quite frustating when I've set up all my MIDI channels and lose the configuration as soon as I start flicking through different patches. Strangely this does not happen if I choose a patch from the Kontakt 2 library. I'm using SX3 and have the latest Kontakt update. Does anyone else experience this problem?


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    Re: Kontakt changes my MIDI channels

    Big Bob (aka Wonderful Bob)

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    Re: Kontakt changes my MIDI channels

    Yes, I've posted there too! Thanks for pointing it out though. Doesn't seem to be any way round this at present. I'd be interested to hear from anyone using East West libraries in Kontakt 2 who doesn't have this problem.

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