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Topic: Goodbye Beantown and Hello AES New York

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    Goodbye Beantown and Hello AES New York

    Greetings from the traveling samplist,

    Thursday we started the day by meeting with Stephen Croes, Dean of Music Technology. Stephen told us about the music he did on the various Star Trek series - Enterprise, Deep Space 9, Voyager and Enterprise. Fascinating and cool!

    It was off tothe Harvard Memorial Chapel - a landmark at Harvard Yard. We did an impulse recording to sample the reverb at the church. James Cann arranged the session and John Weston did the engineering. We set up various microphones (including a soundfield) and used a speaker borrowed from Genelec for the impulse tones. Bill Gardner, a pioneer in convolution, Jeremy and Mark from Isotope, and students and faculty from Berklee attended the session. It was a great sounding place and the recording was a success.

    It was then on to New York and started setting up for AES Thursday night. Tom and Amy joined us Friday morning.

    I saw many forum members -robjohn, travidro, JohhnyP, Derrek Derrek, Ray Lindsay, Andy Brick, Dynamix, Rob Morsberger, Thad, Karl, DPDan, Garth, and so many others. I also met with William McCann and Jerry Halafyn with Dancing Dots a company that provides music technology for the blind. They are doing good things to help the visually impaired with music technology.

    We met with editors, reviewers, educators, and distributors. Also met with music company execs. Expect some interesting collaborations.

    Eric Geer from the Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards came by the booth and presented us with the TEC nomination plaque (we didn't end up winning but being the only sample library nominated was quite an honor).

    Wendy Carlos spent some time with us. It was great to see her again. It has been quite busy at the booth all day. We demoed several products at AES. The Jazz and Big Band attracted a great deal of buzz. The Stradivari Solo violin is also created a lot of excitement as people were amazed by what could be done with samples. We announced the "Real Spaces" impulse library.

    After the show some of us headed to a party at Ray Lindsay's apartment. A wonderful place with a beautiful view over Central Park. Ray and Gerrilyn were gracious hosts an it was great to get to know some of the forum members.

    Saturday was busy with more meetings. More members from the forum as well as Berklee students and faculty came by the booth.

    Jeff and I attended the TEC Awards Saturday night and dined with Theresa Leonard, President of AES, during the dinner and learned many things about AES and what a great institution it is. Later that evening I met Brian Peters and attended a University of Miami get together.

    On Sunday I met with Craig Anderton. We met more forum members like Garius, Jacob and others (it’s hard to believe how many people say they visit our forum). Terry Lawless from U2 also came by the booth and shared some stories with us.

    Mid afternoon some of us left to do an impulse recording at the Village Vanguard. The Village Vanguard has been in existence for 70 years and is regarded as the best Jazz Club in New York. Brian Peters served as the engineer and the project was a success. D.D. and Dynamix joined us for the session. We were invited by the management to be their guests at a performance there later that evening. We went back to AES and to dinner.

    After dinner we went back to the Village Vanguard and saw the Bill Charlap Trio. This has to be one of the best jazz trios I have ever heard!

    At the AES show there were quite a few microphone companies, preamps, speakers and outboard gear. The impression I got from the show was that software is making significant inroads. What once used to be a hardware show now has a great deal of software.

    It was encouraging to see many young people there - especially students.

    Tomorrow is the last day of the show then it's off to meetings at Sweetwater headquarters and MakeMusic (Finale) headquarters. I'm starting to get homesick.

    I'll post more (and photos) as soon as I can.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Goodbye Beantown and Hello AES New York

    I'm trying the wireless network at the hotel here in NY. Seems to be working! Just thought I'd take the opportunity to thank everyone I had the pleasure of meeting over the last few days. It's nice, every now and then, to step outside my cloistered digs to put some faces to the Northernsounds members and others. Your enthusiasm and warm compliments are much appreciated.

    Also, many thanks to Gary for his generosity and boundless energy (he's got me beat in the energy department!) He treated many of us to some wonderful meals and entertainment.

    AES is a geek's paradise. Nowhere will you see more microphones per square foot than at this convention.

    This was my first trip to New York in 28 years. The last time I was here I was a young guy studying trumpet in a little studio on the third floor at 48th and Broadway. Tonight my wife and I strolled through Times Square and noticed that the building housing the studio is now gone. Times Square marching on. But some things remain: This evening we confirmed that the Village Vanguard is still there doing a booming business just like years ago when I would go there on Monday nights to see Thad and Mel's band. Amy and I put a cap on the evening afterward by having some triple brownie chocolate cheesecake (DEFINITELY qualifies as a slight, and temporary, departure from my Southbeach diet!!)

    Now it's back to Gig Harbor, WA and home.


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