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Topic: Could the Next GPO GUI Look Like This?

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    Could the Next GPO GUI Look Like This?


    I'm surprised NI has come up with something this slick.

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    Re: Could the Next GPO GUI Look Like This?

    Looks on the surface quite simple, but also quite GM. I didn't see a lot of editing visible, but maybe I missed the icon.

    It is a pretty effective way of displaying a lot of preset instruments, though.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Could the Next GPO GUI Look Like This?

    Frankly, I'm not crazy about the look. From a human factors stand-point there is more than enough room for confusion between the selected instrument (in this case "Xylophone" from that group and the association with "Channel 2", not to mention that it is going to be exceedingly rare to find neat little bunches of EIGHT instruments that you can group into this tidy matrix.

    Close, but by no means a real bell-ringer in my humble estimation.

    When does this product hit the streets? (Or did it?)


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    Re: Could the Next GPO GUI Look Like This?

    Here's the story:


    Looks like its built off the Kontakt 2 format. Reading the story I don't think this product is aimed at users who'd want to edit the samples. It is based off the GM standard which make sense when you look at it.

    Reminds me of the custom GUI for their Akoustik Piano. I wouldn't think the Kontakt 2 player would be destined to look like this. NI seems to have opened up the Kontakt interface for these latest players.

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    Re: Could the Next GPO GUI Look Like This?

    I hope that's not the look of the new Kontakt Player. Reminds me of the color scheme at my place of employment. Though I do think they have to make some major improvements.

    Played with the MOTU Symphonic Instrument GUI at AES yesterday. The best I've ever seen I think. Selecting a patch is THE COOLEST. Amazing, you select a name and a temporary list with dark background and extremely clear white letters expands Mac OS style covering over the GUI collapsing again, once you double click on a new patch. I have a feeling I'll be buying it some day.

    I still think you have greater sonic control with GPO. But eeeesh, that Kontakt player GUI needs an Oprah sweeps week kinda makeover.

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    Re: Could the Next GPO GUI Look Like This?

    The thing I like about this GUI is the apparent ease of instrument selection. The current Kontakt player requires too much "digging" to get the instrument you want.

    Hopefully customizing this type of design for GPO Advanced (Bandstand is GM only) would make the necessary editing functions easy to get at, but please keep the easy program selection. Sixteen instruments per instance is pretty cool too.

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