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Topic: How many voices...

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    How many voices...

    ... should I expect with GS3.12 Orchestra from a Pentium 4/ 2,53 Ghz with 2 Gig RAM and a separate IDE- disc for the samples with 7200 r/min ??
    My system doesn't go beyond 160 voices (with cpu charge
    at about 85%), though I set max polyphony to 400.
    I'm testing with GigaPiano in channel 1 and heavy loads of incoming
    midi (clusters and fast runs).

    1. Is this what can reasonably be expected from my system?
    2. Why does the voice count significantly go down (to about 100..),
    when a second instrument (Westgat Studios Guitar) is loaded in channel 2, but does not play at all?


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    Re: How many voices...

    I'm pretty sure its because the westgate guitar is 24 bit.

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    Re: How many voices...

    Quote Originally Posted by inteleky
    I'm pretty sure its because the westgate guitar is 24 bit.
    I second that. Noticed the same kind of problem with SI strings bundled w/GS3.

    Try converting to 16 bit, and monitor results.


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