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Topic: Velocity Sensitive/ Aftertouch Libraries

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    Velocity Sensitive/ Aftertouch Libraries

    Are any of the new, or not so old orchestral libraries incorporating velocity/aftertouch programming? I rather enjoy the pressure sensitive feature when imputting violin and woodwind tracks from my keyboard, a DX7S Any info is appreciated.


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    Re: Velocity Sensitive/ Aftertouch Libraries

    most of them don't because not every keyboard out there has aftertouch.

    You could easily program them yourself though....it's a relatively easy task!
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    Re: Velocity Sensitive/ Aftertouch Libraries

    Quote Originally Posted by midphase
    most of them don't because not every keyboard out there has aftertouch.
    I sure hope that's not the reason they don't use AT - keyboards are getting more and more basic to keep the price competitive - the new lower-end ones are all plastic, don't use power supplies, and have no patch storage (Edirol, M-Audio, CME, Fatar) More knobs, but they do little good when you have to reprogram entire libraries to make up for their omissions. If the developers submit to the keyboard mfgrs, pretty soon we'll be back to the 70s...

    It makes more sense to me to have patches within a lib set up to use AT, and another that uses some other controller. Patches take up little of the resources, and while switching AT to CC4, for example, is pretty easy, I'm paying THEM (developers) to do this, aren't I?

    Oh well, I think it's back to analog synths - I loved my Arp 2600...
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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