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Topic: I've been thinking long on this.

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    Red face I've been thinking long on this.

    There have been many of you who have requested my help on timpani or drum set related problems in your music. Happy and excited to help, there is never a moment where my system will act nicely and the project usually goes to the wayside. I've had some small insignificant results but never near what was requested.
    SO, I relieve myself from offering any assistance until I get this system either straighten out once and for all or an all together new system. I sincerely apologize to those who looked for my help only to be disappointed as much as I am.
    Plus, outside projects I have pending may have to be rerouted to someone with capable means to get the job done and done right!
    Again, my sincere apologies to those who have requested my help. No one is more disappointed and frustrated as me.
    Good luck with your work and many thanks for your belief in my experiences as a percussionist.
    Eule, how embaraskins....

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    Re: I've been thinking long on this.

    Hey, you help with drums, I'll help with getting you a stable PC.

    ... and it's because of stupid instabilities that I'm still planning to ditch the PC platform at earliest opportunity.

    Just remember, it's vastly better to have a second PC for games, WEB (especially!!) and other stuff. DAW should be reserved for nothing else, to preserve Windows integrity. (Translation: Windows is so #$@ unstable that delicate music software should not be disturbed by doing anything else on that PC.)
    "AAAAUUUUGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!" -- Charlie Brown

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