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Topic: Sage 1.5 batch conversion

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    Sage 1.5 batch conversion


    Would anyone be able to tell me how tho batch convert multiple rex2 files?

    I have read the help/support documents but it still makes several duplicates of the same file.

    In fact the help document supplied with Sage shows a picture of this same error which confirms the problem. I'm running RMX/Sage on a mac by the way.

    I have contacted spectrasonics but I guess they have a lot of traffic at the moment with the upgrade.

    Please help....

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    Re: Sage 1.5 batch conversion

    Did you read the chapter in the Reference Guide?
    (not the READ ME in the SAGE Converter, but the full blown manual located under the HELP item in RMX's Utility menu. You can watch the "Using the Reference Guide" video tutorial if you are unsure about what the Reference Guide is and how to access it)

    Located in SAGE Converter -> Drag & Drop Batch Conversion

    It's much more thorough than can be explained on a forum and everything you need to know is spelled out very clearly there. I have a feeling that you didn't read that chapter, because there is no picture of an error message on that page of the Reference Guide

    The key to making it work properly is the way you organize the files before doing the batch process - as outlined in this chapter.

    Hope that helps!

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    Re: Sage 1.5 batch conversion

    What a fool I've been.... Thank you very much indeed.
    Also thanks for the great software, I use all the spectrasonics V.I's and they're all exellent....

    Just one small thing, any chance you could give Dave Weckl a ring and get him to collaberate on a Jazz/Swing Sage expander. I'm pretty sure he uses RMX himself. If you get a minute...

    Thanks again


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