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Topic: RMX 1.5 Changing the pitch of loops

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    Question RMX 1.5 Changing the pitch of loops

    Hi Guys, maybe someone can help me out. I'm a relatively new comer to RMX, so I'm still getiing my head around this monster...but can someone tell me for instance with Chopped guitars or other riffs...how do I change the pitch wthout tempo change or affecting the loop in any way...I'm a little confused. Yes the front page has fine and coarse pitch tuning..... is there something I'm missing, cause I cannot find a way to change the pitch of the loops to suit my chord structures. And by the way RMX is the best investment to date...blows me away!

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    Re: RMX 1.5 Changing the pitch of loops

    Like you said - there's the coarse tuning on the main/edit window. I think the chopped guitars loops even say what key they're in. So, if you're working on a piece in D and the chopped guitar loop says it's in C, then you need to set the coarse tuning to +2.
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    Re: RMX 1.5 Changing the pitch of loops

    you can automate the pitch changes by using the MIDI learn function and mapping coarse pitch to a controller of your choice.
    Hitting the correct transpose value using a modwheel in realtime is pretty difficult. Therefore i would suggest you paint those values into an appropiate editor in your sequencer or if you are running Logic download the Key2CC environment at www.swiftkick.com.
    This environment allows you to map the Modwheel values to an octave or two on your keyboard. Then you can sort of play the transpose values from your keys.


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