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Topic: New RMX....New Trouble

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    New RMX....New Trouble

    ok, so every time a new upgrade pay or not comes out....software that worked before now does not.

    Either there is a whole list of new problems or old features and functions that worked before now do not.


    When will it be "Safe" to upgrade RMX?

    Dual G4 1.25, 2GB Ram, OS 10.3.9, Cubase SX 3.1

    I have trouble with the midi routing on RMX1. The midi tracks bleed and I am routing them properly?

    Midi Track 1-a, 2-b, etc...I have had no response to this post.

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    Re: New RMX....New Trouble

    I can see from your previous posts that you've had some trouble getting your head around RMX. So the FIRST thing I want to say, one "anonymous" user to another, is that "I feel your pain" -- you know?

    There are a whole lot of us who keep discovering new features in this monster, and I know I'm not the only one who just finds myself sitting here, mouth agape, in AWE of what they've packed into this thing. It's an amazing instrument/sample set, with so much flexibility and ease of use that my mind is boggled by it's superior implementation. And I ain't used to being no "fanboy" -- but dang it, RMX just blows me away. It just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER.

    SO, whatever... I'm just trying to say, "hang in there" and I hope we can help you sort out your questions.

    NOW -- maybe why you didn't get an answer earlier is that it's not entirely clear what you are trying to do, or what is not acting the way you expect it to act.

    When you say "MIDI track 1-a, 2-b" I'm not sure what that means? Do you mean you send MIDI information on MIDI track 1 to part 1 of RMX? Or are you talking about the actual AUDIO outputs on the RMX mixer? I read your first "MIDI Routing problem" post but it doesn't help me understand -- sorry!

    So please clarify what's up and we'll hopefully get to the bottom of this...

    p.s.--I'm on PC, but also use Cubase, so we should be able to help each other...

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    Re: New RMX....New Trouble

    Wow, I don't know how to make it any clearer....thanks for insinuating that I am having trouble getting my head around RMX.

    8 possible midi tracks associated with 1 instance of RMX...so far so good?

    I am routing assigning midi track 1 to RMX 1-a...the letter is as I understand it needed to be sure that midi track 1 only has the information going to that track....so far so good, have I lost you?

    Then I am following that logic for the rest of my midi tracks associated to the 1 instance of RMX.

    Midi Track 1-a
    Midi Track 2-b
    Midi Track 3-c....I do not know how to make this any clearer?

    What is happening is once again....I have information from other midi tracks bleeding into each other? This should not be happening by me scheduling my tracks the way I am.

    My mixer in Cubase is showing me that for example where I may have no information on midi track 1-a, it is showing volume and playing what is on midi track 2-b?

    I can't make this any clearer.
    Thanks, Jeff.

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    Re: New RMX....New Trouble

    I was really trying to be friendly and encourage you that we can work this out, but it seems like I've bugged you by doing that...?

    EDIT: It's probably best if you try contacting their tech support.

    Good luck, friend. I hope you can get everything sorted out...

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    Re: New RMX....New Trouble

    Did you watch the new "RMX and Cubase" tutorial video on the site?

    It covers MIDI routing pretty well.

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