GS 160, Logic Audio Silver 4.8 (about to upgrade to Platinum 5) Echo Mia, rest of hard/software not relevant for this query as far as I know.

I have a song set up in Logic audio with a number of audio files in it. Easy enough to mix down using the Logic \"bounce\" function.

But how do I get my GS output into the mix? The options I\'ve considered are:
1 I create a stereo file in GS and import it into Logic - downside is I can\'t then mix the GS instruments in real time any further

2 I create individual tracks in GS and import each of these into GS - downside is it\'s tedious and because of various things in the set up I\'ll still lose flexibility

3 I physically connect the soundcard digital outputs outputs to its digital inputs - but surely there\'s a more elegant way than this?

Anyone know how I can route this in software using the Echo Mia card?