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Topic: RMX-advice on mapping samples?

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    RMX-advice on mapping samples?


    I'm trying to figure out the best way to import snare samples. I have these DFH snares which I want to bring into Stylus RMX. The snares have as many as 6-10 different layers. Should I save each layer as a part in the multi and assign all of them to the same midi channel?I want to be able to trigger these
    samples either from the keyboard or from the Rex midi slices in my sequencer.I would love to be able to trigger these multi layered snares
    from one key on my keyboard.



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    Re: RMX-advice on mapping samples?

    You cant import single shot samples into RMX.
    I guess what you could do is create a fake groove in BDF that has several snares lined up in a simple rhythm, bounce it to a stereofile, run that through Recycle and import the resulting REXfile into RMX.
    The snares would then be mapped chromatically to your keyboard. But definetly no way you could recreate the velocity switching .

    sorry for the bad news

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