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Topic: Free Grand Piano for the piano collectors

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    Free Grand Piano for the piano collectors


    I was just made aware last night of a free concert grand piano called the Maestro Conc. Grande by Mats Helgesson. I'm sure many of you know about it but I'm sure there are many who don't. Its a 1 gig piano in giga format. But i just imported it into kontakt 2 quickly and the import went quite ok. The release trails seem to go a bit long for an unreverbed/non pedal down piano but you can fix that easily in the modulation section by dropping the release to about 200 ms. Also, the pedal down seems to stick on even after the pedal is up but i'm sure thats fixable with a bit of playing around too. Other than that i havent tweaked it yet, but i'm sure there are some decent possibilities.

    Google it and you should find it quickly enough. It comes in a zipped ~400 meg file.

    So, hopefully some might find it useful. Its fairly old, so not sure how it compares to new libraries really, but who knows.


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    Re: Free Grand Piano for the piano collectors

    I never cared much for the piano but I' really like Mat's clarinet. It's old, its limited dynamically but its very expressive. I prefer it over just about anything else but you've got to learn to work with its idiosynchrasies.

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    Re: Free Grand Piano for the piano collectors

    Ya, thats why i said for collectors. Just another in the bunch really, certainly nice for a freebie but new stuff certainly shines in comparison.


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    Re: Free Grand Piano for the piano collectors

    Thanks for taking the time to give us the 'heads up'! I'd forgotten about these.

    The Maestro Malmsjö Grand Piano NS thread

    The Legato Clarinet and Clarinet breathe.


    http://northernsounds.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8572 Old NS freebie thread.

    It's easy to forget just how good some soundfonts are.


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