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Topic: Some advice needed...

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    Some advice needed...

    Hi everyone. I am currently building up my sample library collection. I already have GPO, and I think it's great for lighter, romantic stuff, but I need a library with a little more 'oomph' to it for some of my heavy duty works. I have been searching all over, and going from "I'm definitely going to but this one" to "Oh look! There's another one. I'm definitely going to buy that one now" to "Wait a sec. I liked my first choice better..." You get the idea. I'm having a real hard time, and have come here to ask for advice.

    What is a great 'powerful' sample library? I have one stipulation though with your requests: I would like it to be in plug-in format. I don't have that much money, so I can't afford to buy a sampler, and then the libraries that go with it. I'm running on a laptop, so I don't think GS3 or K2 will run very well with the orchestral sizes I'm working with anyway.

    So, with that stipulation, I have found that MOTU Symphonic Instrument or EWQLSO might fit the bill. I have heard great things about EW, but not very much on MSI. Anyone use it and has an opinion about it? Are there other libraries that I'm missing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Some advice needed...

    It sounds like IK's Miroslav Philharmonik might be something to look at.

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    Re: Some advice needed...

    If you want that 'powerful' sound - i'm assuming you mean the big stuff you hear in soundtracks, EWQL gold seems to be a big choice for that. I'm not sure about MOTU. Mirrolav can also achieve that sound but not necessarily as easily - it does great at the less than big sound right out of the box. I've been experimenting with it lately though, and big things are possible. It just sounds very very nice all around. Dont discount some libraries though based on price - the new kirk hunter library may may be had for a very good price and you might be able to add a version of gigastudio depending on the version or if you have something to crossgrade from.

    Theres also the possibility of crossgrading to kontakt 2 - which also includes a very nice 7-8 gig VSL version.

    Having GPO - i think thats qualifies you for a crossgrade still to miroslav. Also, because it has a kontakt/kompakt player, that also might qualify you for a crossgrade to the full kontakt 2 with its VSL library. This puts all of these libraries within the 300-500 dollar range.

    The kontakt 2 library also contains many other excellent items too beyond the orchestral library so thats something to think of. (excellent cathedral organ, nice pianos etc). Its a great place to start actually.

    I just bought most of these and got great deals on most. If you want any info on how, PM me.


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