Hey guys, just wondered something.
Finally I've been able to purchase 2 seagate 300 gig sata drives for my system running raid 0 onboard (asus A8V with 2 gigs of ram and a 3500+ CPU). With my pci raid card (3ware 6000) I can play my PMI Old lady till I'm blue in the face without a hick-up Raid 0 with 2 30 gig ata 133 drives. I copied all my samples to the new dual 300 gig drives and find the performance worse then the PCI chain. The A8V offers onboard sata I/O (promise fasttrack 478). It setup great but I do get clicks and pops if I hold down the sustain exaggerated etc. Just thought if I should look at a PCI sata card instead. I don't want to get into "to raid or not to raid" issue. I've run the 30 gig drives now for 5 1/2 years without a crash. In fact hopefully will still use the PCI raid 0 for audio if all goes well. One hurdle at a time.
When you guys format new drives for audio, what do yo set the cluster size at?? I thought I saw many options there like 32-64-128 + forget if it's bytes, etc.
Thanks for any advise.