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Topic: Using Miraslav with Sibelius

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    Smile Using Miraslav with Sibelius

    Does anybody out there have any experience with or knowledge about using the Miraslav V. sound package (the new Philharmonik one) with Sibelius? Is it even possible? And if so, how difficiult is it? I think Miroslav's samples sound better than the GPO samples, which are about to be relased for Sibelius 4. Unless it is a practical impossibilty (since I am not very mechanically minded), I would like to find a way of using Miroslav with Sibelius, which I already own. Of course, if anyone has an alternative suggestion, feel free to say so, as I have very little experience in this area and am not familiar with all the systems and options. Thanks, Plutarch

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    Re: Using Miraslav with Sibelius

    Quite frankly, I don't think there's any way you could use it with Sibelius. Usually, you could get Maple Midi connector or Midi Yoke which would sit "in between" Sibelius and your library of choice running in stand-alone mode. However, Philharmonik does not have a stand-alone mode and can only run as a VST instrument within a host program like a sequencer. If you're interested in using Philharmonik with a notation package, you should definitely explore the possibility of using Overture 4 which allows you to run any VST instrument or combination of instruments as its sound source. It's the only notation package that I know of that can at the moment. Good luck.

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    Re: Using Miraslav with Sibelius

    Thanks! I'll check out Overture. Since I posted the above message, I have heard the Kirk Hunter demos, which are excellent. Hopefully there will be a way to use them with Overture.

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    Re: Using Miraslav with Sibelius

    Couldn't you do this using Steinberg's V-Stack? (I don't have it, so I'm not positive)

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    Re: Using Miraslav with Sibelius

    If you are on the PC there is a free host called "Chainer" that I use a lot. You can get it from www.xlutop.com Actually, the demo version is free which does what you need to make Philharmonik stand alone but you can buy the full version of Chainer if you want to save patches with it and other things (it's only $60 anyway). However, I don't know if that will allow it to work with Sibelius. I'll look into the best ways and of course it is always interesting to hear what users have to say, if they've tried something that works well.

    I agree that Overture 4 is excellent and really makes things easy by supporting virtual instrument plug-ins openly. Not sure why Sibelius and Finale choose not to. Sounds limiting to me.

    Good luck!

    Oh, there are new demos on www.philharmonik.com I like the way the solo violin demo came out. I am redoing the Dvorak one and have a few others in the works.
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    Re: Using Miraslav with Sibelius

    Can you post a link? I didn't see any new demos.

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    Thumbs up Re: Using Miraslav with Sibelius

    Thanks for this information Dave! I would be interested in hearing about anything else you might learn about this. At the moment, it looks like I will be purchasing Overture 4 and Miroslav Philharmonik and using them together. The biggest obstacle seems to be tranferring my existing scores from Sibelius into Overture. I have been told that Dolet XML will do it, but a number of people in the Overture Forum have claimed that the Dolet crashes Overture. I have spoken to Don W. at Overture and he says they are working on it in hopes of eliminating this problem. But I think I might hold off until they do. Best, Plutarch

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