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Topic: Today at Berklee

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    Today at Berklee

    Today was a full day at Berklee. The weather was perfect.

    The day started at 9 am with Prof. Andrea Pejrolo's MIDI Application for Writers class where I spoke about getting convincing realizations from samples and the future of virutal orchestration.

    The next class was Prof. Michael Farquharson's Contemporary Writing class where we talked about notation and sampling and also the use of MIDI controllers to get more realistic performances and combining live players with sampled performances.

    Then it was off to Mike Brigita's Advanced Sampling class where Jeff joined me to discuss convolution, hybrid synthesis/sampling and advanced sample programming.

    We had lunch wih Stephen Croes, Dean of the Music Technology Division.

    In the afternoon, I spoke with Leeanne Unger's Music Production class about the use of samples in music production and listened to student compositions and offered some suggestions.

    Later in the afternoon I spoke with Assoc. Prof. Jeff Baust's Digital Signal Processing class. The topic was convolution and the future of virtual instrumentation.

    Great food in Boston. We have enjoyed Tai, Indian, Italian cannolis, Indonesian and Dunkin Donuts (we don't have this cuisine on Orcas Island).

    Tomorrow it's off to a project at Harvard and then to AES. Looking forward to going back to my old stomping ground of New York City and meeting some of you.

    More later...

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Today at Berklee

    Thanks, Gary, for keeping us posted. Hearing about all the great classes they offer now just makes me want to go back. Some of the best days in my life were spent there. It‘s nice to see that Berklee, for all its growth in the last forty years, hasn‘t changed its spirit.

    We‘re all looking forward to seeing you in New York City this weekend. I want to see dpDan try and eat a whole corned beef sandwich from Carnegie Deli.


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    Re: Today at Berklee

    WOW Gary, it sounds like you are busy as usual. I bet those students are honored to meet you.

    Eating a whole corned beef sandwhich,,, uhhhhh ,,

    I'm full thinking about it.

    It should be a fun time!
    I want to go to ground zero more than anything. Just to be extremely humbled at the site after seeing and hearing all of what took place there only a few years ago. It's still very hard to comprehend the massive pain and loss for so many good people.

    Time marches on, and those left behind become stronger and more wise.


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    Re: Today at Berklee

    Don't miss the seafood restaurants. The Union Oyster House right near Faneuil Hall is a fabulous, hoary old place with great atmosphere (1820s!). Daniel Webster used to eat oysters and chug brandy at the bar downstairs. Yeah, you have seafood in the San Juans, but not fresh lobster or East Coast fish.

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    Cool Re: Today at Berklee

    Gary, make sure Karl and Dan wear a Fedora this time. Eh, wish I could have joined you boys. There's always next year.
    Have a great time guyzzz!

    PS - Dan, King Kong isn't real so get it out of your head! There's no ape on top of the Empire!

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    Re: Today at Berklee

    And I just remembered ... I have next Monday off! Schighst!

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    Re: Today at Berklee

    NOT TO BE MISSED in NYC (Among other things)

    1. McSorley's Old Ale House: 15 E. 7th St...a hangout for tuba and euphonium players as long as there have been tubas and euphoniums. Despite that, a not-to-be-missed historical landmark. Arguably the nation's oldest & most famous pub

    2. Village Vanguard...178 7th av south...take a walk down those famous stairs into the country's greatest Jazz venue. IIRC, the fine pianist Bill Charlap is on for the next couple of weeks. I am convinced that the ghost of Bill Evans lives in the Vanguard's kitchen.

    3. 21 W. 70th St., 6th floor walkup: The 1969-1970 residence of one Jim "Snorlax" Williams...make the pilgrimage!

    4. If you are a fan of vacuum tube gear, I can put you in touch with Walter Sear, "Mr. 12AX7" himself.
    Jim Williams
    Professor of Capitalism
    Indianapolis Brass Choir
    All Your Bass Sus&Short Are Belong to Us.

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