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Topic: Library and RAM advice

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    Library and RAM advice


    I am contemplating purchasing Gigastudio orchestra and I have toyed with the idea of ensemble but as I do a lot of symphonic writing I think I need the polyphony and I like the idea of a load of samples included. I only have one music PC which runs Sibelius 3, Cubase SX 1 and soon to be gigastudio, the machine is a P4 with 2 x 160Gb hard drives, 1Gb RAM and RME 9652. The only sample library I have is GPO.

    1) Will I run into problems with the amount of RAM I have since I intend to run Cubase and Giga simultaneously.

    2) Will Gigapulse run successfully with only 1Gb RAM.

    3) I intend to install all samples on the second hard drive. Should I install gigastudio on this hard drive as well?

    4) Are the samples included with orchestra good enough to get by for some time. Trying to do everything on a budget at the moment.

    5) Any recommendations as to good orchestral libraries, there are loads about but I am never able to hear dry demos only treated ones.

    Apologies for the long list I am a bit of a newbie on this matter. I have been kidding myself that I prefer real players however I can't afford real players and what I have had performed they couldn't play

    many thanks it is much appreciated.

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    Re: Library and RAM advice

    1. Your ram is adequate for a reasonable number of instruments.

    2. Yes, gigapulse should run ok. It is cpu hungry, so it depends on your processor speed how many instances you'll get.

    3. No, install gigastudio on your system disk, probably: once it is loaded, it does not use the disk any more (i think).

    4. That has been discussed more than once, do a search "vienna giga symphony". The short answer is, kinda but not really.

    5. That has been discussed countless times. Good luck!

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