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Topic: SIS chipset = better GS performance

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    Re: SIS chipset = better GS performance

    I second that about SiS chipsets. I\'ve been trying to steer people towards SiS based motherboards for a number of months because of their better PCI implementation. VIA has its place, but it\'s not in Gigastudio systems IMHO.

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    SIS chipset = better GS performance

    A few days ago I bought a new motherboard which I hoped was the answer to \'hickups\', ocasional clicks and non-stellar performance on my KT133 chipset motherboard. After my share of troubles, amongst them, instability which I now am 99% certain is because of a bad Athlon XP chip I bought along with the motherboard, I am now here to recommend anyone who plan to put together an AMD based GigaStudio system to try this solution with ECS K7S5A motherboard out. It is one of the cheapest motherboards on the market, and equipped with a SIS 735 chipset solution which is ONE chip instead of the commonly used Northbridge/Southbridge solution. The SIS 735 chipset gives many times the PCI bandwidth of normal VIA/Intel solutions and I can tell you that GS seems to benefit from that. I have 160 voices now without any performance problems. Haven\'t had a single audiable lag, hickup or anything. As I said I bought a new AMD XP CPU to go with this, but I think I have to get another CPU since this one gets extremely hot running at the 1400mhz it was designed to do. If I run it at 1050mhz, I have no problems and the temp is 25C degrees lower.

    The motherboard takes both SD and DDR RAM (although not at the same time!) and I am running with SD so far. Unfortunately you can only stuff 1GB RAM in it, but that\'ll do for me. Right now I only have 768MB. It has onboard LAN which is very handy, and a lot of other onboard stuff that you\'re likely to just turn off immediately in BIOS.

    One other thing. After updating to the latest BIOS, my Symbios Logic SCSI interface won\'t work anymore. So you might want to stick to an older BIOS or wait for a new one if you\'re using SCSI.

    Go to www.ecs.com.tw to get more info about it, or search on Google and find some reviews.

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    Re: SIS chipset = better GS performance

    the via kt266a is faster in most respect to the Sis 735

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    Re: SIS chipset = better GS performance

    Not really. And PCI performance is still crap. Games performance is not really interesting here....

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    Re: SIS chipset = better GS performance

    Interesting post. Which soundcard do you use with it?
    Why didn\'t you choose the K7S6A which has 3 ddr dimm sockets? Because it\'s a Northbridge and South-bridge chipset?


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    Re: SIS chipset = better GS performance

    I am so fed up with VIA and bad PCI performance and such. So this was a nice surprise. I think when I eventually upgrade my P3 system to a P4, I\'ll seriously consider a SIS chipset too.

    The K7S6A... Two reasons only really. I have no DDR Ram yet and no money for it this month And 2nd, K7S5A has built-in LAN.

    I am using an RME Multiface.

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