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Topic: How to set up multiple IDE devices

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    Re: How to set up multiple IDE devices

    It\'s probably best to put the hard drives on IDE channel 1 and the CD drives on channel 2. But I don\'t think it matters that much any more. My giga system has a hard drive on the same channel as the CD drive and I don\'t see any difference in performance between it and the other two hard drives.


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    How to set up multiple IDE devices

    I have an Abit KT7-RAID motherboard with two hard drives, a DVD-ROM, and a CD-RW drive. I have been using the RAID controller as a second IDE controller, so everything is set to Master on its own channel.

    I am about to switch motherboards, and the new board won\'t have the RAID controller on it. What I want to know is what the best way to configure my devices is.

    I am thinking of putting my hard drives on channel 1 as master and slave, and the CD devices on channel 2 as master and slave. Would it be better two have the hard drives as master devices on separate channels, and the CD devices as their slaves?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Re: How to set up multiple IDE devices

    I personally would recommend having the hard drives as masters on separate IDE lines. I originally tried them as master and slave on the same IDE cable and had a lot more problems. My system clearly works better with the separate IDE cables.


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