G4 1 Ghz
w/MOTU Traveler
Mac OS 10.3.9
Memory 512

Well, I just tried my first experiment working with GPO & DP on my laptop while traveling this weekend. On my G5 dual 2.5 desktop DAW I saved a version of my piece with all the tracks 'frozen' into a rough stereo mix, sans the GPO MIDI tracks I wanted to work on while traveling. I did this to account for lower processing power of the laptop.

I copied this onto a portable firewire drive and toted it along.

I installed GPO on the laptop and updated it.

I copied the DP piece from the firewire drive onto my laptop.

When I launched it, the file clearly was waking up in a foreign land. It wanted the GPO samples from the exact file path from my desktop system and displayed the following message.

I couldn't get it to find them in the laptop system. So I created a new file and copied the stereo mix and existing GPO MIDI data into the new file and was on my way. The new DP file knew the proper path for my GPO stuff in the laptop system.

Anyway, seems that unless your using an identical file hierarchy for both laptop and desktop, this isn't gonna be easy.

Also, anytime there were a run of notes in GPO the audio would slow down and crackel, picking up in the less dense portions of the piece. And that's only one line of MIDI with GPO loaded with two instruments and a single stereo track playing. Maybe I need more memory...

I got my work back into the desktop by opening the laptop file from the firewire drive. Once again, the desktop balked at not knowing the path for GPO. I copied my MIDI tracks and closed the file, then open my original file and pasted the data.

Alota work.

Still, I'm hoping to make this laptop thing work easier, cause I'm on the run quite a bit.