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Topic: New computer

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    New computer

    I want to by a new computer
    so a can use Gigasampler properly.
    Can someone give me advise on what a should
    by.Is the Pentium processor to prefer rather
    than the Amd ?
    Thank you.

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    Re: New computer

    I have had great success with the AMD Athlon XP series. P4s are great but the performance difference is small. I would like to introduce myself to this forum. My name is Elliot and am a technician/consultant in LA and recently had positive feedback posted on the TASCAM forum from my clients. I am currently working with several sound studios and musicians building Giga/Tascam based custom platforms. I use only the highest rated best quality hardware at very competitive prices. I can ship anywhere in the country. I am constantly striving to research optimizing the latest components so they perform at the highest level possible to serve your creative needs (although if youre thinking economy I also refurbish). Please think of me as another resource/alternative for your computing needs. If you any questions please email at ejisjc@hotmail.com or jundee1@excite.com

    Thanks very much and please understand I do not have any intentions of spamming-just hope to serve you if I can!


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