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Topic: some questions

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    some questions

    I work with music and I heard some impressive demo at Nemesys\'so I am going to have a computer based on Gigastudio but firstly I would like to understand something more.First of all : in many postings I read that not all the computers are suitable for Gigastudio someone has a problem another one has another problem...does it apply also to computers assembled by Soundchaser ?
    And then I read somewhere that someone uses two computers with Gigastudio. my question is how to sync them, maybe via a midi interface ?
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: some questions

    Sound Chaser is well regarded for their Giga PCs. There are a number of other companies who are \"audio aware\" who also build machines, perhaps a bit cheaper. If you expand to more than one PC there is no synching within Giga. That would be handled by your sequencer working through multiple MIDI ports.

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